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A few years ago, I retired, packed up and moved south. The plan was that Roy and I would have a small farm. I would finally learn to spin, I'd bake my own bread, grow my own veggies, make my own pasta and read great books on the deck with my feet up. I'd would get to all those "UFO's" (unfinished objects) in my quilting closet . AND I'd have tons of time with the grandkids.

A lot of that came to be....I now know how to spin. We have lots of animals...llamas and goats and donkeys and turkeys and chickens, oh my! I've got milking the goats down and at some point there will be goat's milk soap: it is indeed a learning process. I give away more chicken eggs than we eat. A new handmade quilt is on our bed. The bread and the pasta? Well, carbs are really not my friends! But the grandkids are close by and are always excited for Nana and Bompop time.

There is that word....time. I thought I would have tons of time in retirement.....that has not proved to be the case. My life has taken another unexpected (by me, not by God) turn. I took a half time interim position at this church, which turned into a 3/4 time position which will now become a stated supply position. Lord willing, the creek don't rise and the health of my aging body holds, I will be here either till the congregation is ready and able to call a fulltime pastor OR I reach the golden age of 70.

Not what I anticipated, or even asked for. Surprising, to say the least. Pushing me to recalculate how I use my time and energy. Forcing me to be intentional about balance in my life. But so very right and so very good!

It is indeed a God thing!

Pastor Lucie

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